How to spend 3 days in Hobart

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Okay, so how do you make the most of a long weekend? Go to Hobart. Next question, how do you make the most of three days in Hobart?

Tasmania - Hobart
This place turned me into a Tassie devil

Well, recently I went to Hobart for a three day getaway with my housemate Abbey (Abigail) for the generous Queen’s B’day and here’s how I did it (with cheap flights and accommodation).

Tasmania - Hobart
MONA – my favourite art piece

The trick is, book your flights early (around March time), when the good sales are on – but also be prepared for crappy flight times.

Tasmania - Hobart
My travel buddy – Abigial

Also, go with an Air BnB, it is so much cheaper!! The place we stayed at Ian’s crib and it was just we needed! Cheap and close to everything!

Tasmania - Hobart
Unintentional lookout find!

If you get in a little later, like we did on the Friday night, head down to the wharf for a bite to eat!

Tasmania - Hobart
Thanks for the shot Insta Boyfriend

Our choice of meal for the Friday night was the delicious Korean Fried Chicken at Post Street Social. Who have live music on the deck, which was great!

Tasmania - Hobart
Hobart has such beautiful old buildings

Just don’t get confused with the club part and the chilled out dining part. We ended up walking into the nightclub at 9pm…

Tasmania - Hobart
We did see a couple very much showing PDA in this park….

Day one: 

If your first full day is on a Saturday, you must go to Salamanca Market! It can be a bit frosty in winter so make sure you rug up. The markets have so much on offer from food to craft goodies and clothes, there is so much to look at!

Tasmania - Hobart
Salamanca supermarket

If you are a donut or bratwurst fan, you will get some pretty good ones at the market! The stalls you want to go to for these include Salamanca Cream for a raspberry donut and Silver Hill for a pork bratwurst!

Tasmania - Hobart
The ginger and lemon pork, delish!

The market runs from 9am to around 3pm so you have time to explore. But if you’re looking for pure beauty in Hobart, head to the Botanical Gardens.

Tasmania - Hobart
I bought a few of these crystals to bring me money, forgiveness, love and communication! Here is hoping…

You can explore all the beautiful gardens on display, just watch out for the birds, Abbey coped a lucky bird poo to the beanie during our adventure around the gardens.

Tasmania - Hobart
Cute candid Salamanca pics are hard!

The tearooms are also beautiful, overlooking the water and is a good place for a rest – if you walked from the city to the gardens, you will want a rest.

Spend your afternoon/night down at Salamanca, after the market the bars come to life. Our local and personal favourite for the weekend was The Brick Factory/Grape, good drinks, great music and amazing pizza.

Tasmania - Hobart
Down on the wharf

After dinner time, The Brick Factory had a live band and Grape (which is the front part of the venue) had a DJ. Whoever said Hobart isn’t a party town, lied to you!

Tasmania - Hobart
The Botanical Gardens are really beautiful!

So as you probably guessed Saturday night was spent at the pub and also at the bar next door, Cargo.

Tasmania - Hobart
Found in a quirky bar off Liverpool Street

Good places, not really nightclubs but they have music, people dance where they can fit and it is a great night, you don’t even have to dress up if you don’t want to!

Tasmania - Hobart
A sign at The Brick Factory… Love it!

The best bit about it? The kebab van out the front.

Day two: 

It was a rocky start for us on Sunday, but we powered through and headed on the ferry to MONA. The 3am finish the night before wasn’t ideal but nothing a coffee couldn’t fix.

Tasmania - Hobart
Botanical Gardens view!

On the ferry to MONA, the captain offered some fun tassie facts as we drove past the Zinc factory (one of the world’s largest zinc smelters in the world) and the sheds that in fact made the boat we were travelling on.

Tasmania - Hobart
View from MONA dock

Now my thoughts on MONA? Interesting.

Tasmania - Hobart
At MONA, they ask you to draw a bike. This was mine (left) and Abbey’s (right). They feature some on a wall, do you think I’ll be on the wall?

The building is beautiful and all the little details are amazing – like having an interactive iPhone app where you can read more about each art piece. Some of the art honestly I didn’t understand, but some were really interesting to read about, look at and interact with.

Tasmania - Hobart
MONA artwork

The one downfall about MONA when you’re a little seedy? It is hot and dark and easy to get lost in.

Tasmania - Hobart
The room not for seedy people

MONA is definitely worth going for a look, you do need some time to have a really good look around, but it is fascinating.

Tasmania - Hobart
More MONA art

My highlight? The wine bar! Up on the hill, the wine bar is surrounded by fire pits and with the blue and cheddar cheese, you can’t go wrong.

Tasmania - Hobart
Also not good for seedy people

Nothing cures a hangover like more wine… or it just delays it.

Very good for seedy people! A Tasmanian cheddar and a French blue cheese…YUM

Our last full night in Hobart was spent drinking a lot of alcohol and eating some really delicious food. First, we headed to Templo, a restaurant recommended to us by multiple people.

Tasmania - Hobart
Wine by the fire is more like it!

Although the restaurant is very small, the food definitely makes up for it!

Tasmania - Hobart
Templo – mussells

We had the mussels to start, which were so soft and so amazing (not like your average supermarket ones), a pasta dish served with cabbage, the pasta was huge and incredible and then ended with the gnocchi, yum! The food and wine were delicious, like really delicious. If you’re a foodie, add it to your list!

Tasmania - Hobart
Templo – gnocchi

After dinner, we headed back to our favourite place, Salamanca for a drink (which ended up being about 20 drinks).

Tasmania - Hobart
I wish I remember the name but for now, pasta goodness

Hot tip, on a Sunday, Cargo does $10 cocktails, the long island iced teas are amazing! But the cocktail you want to try is the pavlova martini. Wow actually tastes like a pav, which is very dangerous!

Tasmania - Hobart
Best cocktail ever!

Anyway, the night turned into drinking a bottle of Prosecco with some of the local football players and going to the club, Observatory Bar (new and very good, plays good music, highly recommend) with a 5am finish… so not ideal.

Tasmania - Hobart
When the coffee kicked in

Day three: 

So as you probably also guessed, Monday was useless for us. Thank god for the late check out we were granted.

Tasmania - Hobart
Busy Salamanca

We literally woke up 30 mins before check out and Abbey had to pack for the two of us, I wasn’t in a good way!

Tasmania - Hobart
Insta Boyf in full force

Nothing a frozen coke couldn’t fix, so it was off to Maccas before lounging out at Brooke Street Pier on the couches they had on offer.

Tasmania - Hobart
Thanks random for taking the snap!

Around 4pm we were hungry so we were on the hunt for food. Banjo’s Bakery has a signature scallop pie so we gave that a go – I know with a hangover it isn’t ideal.

Tasmania - Hobart
Scallop pie!

But it was really nice, I enjoyed it.

Tasmania - Hobart
Memorial site

Our next stop was to the Brick Factory (the local) to sit by the fire and have a hot drink. Shout out to the staff for not asking us to leave when we spent the rest of the day there until it was time to order dinner.

Tasmania - Hobart
Botanical Gardens!

The oysters Kilpatrick were amazing and huge, definitely local, and the pawn pizza was also delicious! Great food, really recommend you have a meal there if you’re visiting Hobart.

Tasmania - Hobart
Recommend this order!

Then it was off to the airport for our 11:10pm flight, yes I did have work the next day and no it wasn’t the best choice we made, but they were cheap!

Tasmania - Hobart
The vino is goodo

So if we didn’t actually have the hangover we would have gone to Mount Wellington, but it was raining anyway so we might have ended up doing something similar anyway…


When I got back to Tasmania, I would hire a car and explore the beautiful island!

Tasmania - Hobart

From Port Arthur to Wine Glass Bay and Cradle Mountain, there are so many beautiful sights in Hobart, but we still had a fun crazy time!

Tasmania - Hobart
Bit frosty





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