Mindfulness – adapting to the change in weather!

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Whatever season is your favourite, it is often hard to adapt between the two. If you are coming into summer right now, in my opinion, lucky you!!

As for the southern hemisphere (well mainly Australia and New Zealand), yay for us as we come into winter – and no I don’t actually mean that.

However, we don’t all love summer and we don’t all love winter. Whether you are a hot or cold weather person, we need tips and tricks to ensure we adapt to the climate.

Beautiful sunset

Weather changes can really get me down, coming from beautiful autumn (or fall) to winter really impacts me and for the last few years has caused me to have a fairly heavy case of what is known as “winter blues” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

If you’ve never experienced it before or know what it is, SAD is pretty much that, being sad because now it gets dark 5pm, the sun isn’t out as much and we struggle to sleep, adapt to the cold and end up feeling a little miserable. But it

Or maybe, the heat makes you angry and you just end up hating the whole summer. Do any of these sound like you?

Snow fields in USA

So as I head into winter, I have made a pact to myself to NOT get the winter blues this year, I am flat out refusing. I am dedicated to embracing the cold and with Melbourne’s recent spell of freezing weather, what I do next will really set my winter up.

So, how can we actually embrace the weather change rather than be angry or sad?

Visit fun winter places

For winter:

  • Embrace the amazing fashion (love a winter coat)
  • Eat delicious comfort food
  • Plan to do all the jobs you can do from your cozy loungeroom (all the ones you want to do but would rather be out in the sun in summer)
  • Exercise – at least the gym is semi-warm
  • Plan winter trips either to the snow or escape to somewhere warm
  • Take road trips and go on hikes
New York
Invest in a coat too!

For summer (for those who hate the heat):

  • Plan road trips to the beach (usually it is cooler by the water)
  • Exercise indoors or take up swimming (some gyms also have great A/C)
  • Don’t expect yourself to love the beach – not everyone does and that’s okay
  • Stay inside, keep your blinds down and do things that make you happy – with a good cooling system you will be fine
  • Drink loads of water
  • Escape to a winter destination – maybe Canada!
  • Don’t be hard on yourself for hating summer, just accept it
Manhattan Beach
Soak in the sun

Overall, make sure you look after yourself. Practice self love daily, try some meditation and be mindful. Once you start noticing a mood change just get up and start moving, remember you have the power over your emotions! Keep busy, form new hobbies you have wanted to try and don’t be hard on yourself.

Fun in the snow!

Read more about what helps keeps me motivated:

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What is your favourite season? How do you get through your least loved season? Please let me know below or on my Instagram @_mariahmacinnes_

Go on a holiday!







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