Travelling Melbourne – The Pink Lake

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So I wanted to share with you this wacky place in Melbourne!

You might have seen it like all over Instagram so I’m sure this post is no real shock to you but currently, for a short time only, the lake under the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne is pink.

Melbourne - Pink Lake
Please don’t drink or touch the water

Like yes, full pink! So you’re probably a bit confused why it is pink because this obviously isn’t just the bottom of the lake is pink, the water is actually pink! Or as I like to call it, the vodka cruiser lake! Seriously looks like lolly water – DO NOT DRINK!

Melbourne - Pink Lake
Housemate pic!

So as I read online – it’s all about research – the main reason is the salt, loads of salt. So the West Gate Park Pink Lake is a saltwater lake (that I don’t know why) and when mixed with high temperatures, lots of sunlight and a lack of rainfall the algae grows in the salt crust and produces a red pigment called beta carotene.

Melbourne - Pink Lake
Pink cruiser lake? – Abigail Taylor photo credit

Then BOOM, pink lake for everyone’s Instagram feed.

My hot tips for the Pink Lake? Don’t drive anywhere near there, it is a nightmare! Try and park somewhere close and walk or get an uber or something.

Do NOT touch the water, like at all, it is really bad for you! Remember it’s pretty but it’s algae….

Melbourne - Pink Lake
Sunday Funday

Always remember it is busy like some would think it is the 12 apostles or something! You also won’t get a photo with the city in it unless you have a drone… even if you walk over the other side, don’t worry I tried.

Melbourne - Pink Lake
LOVE yourself

Apart from the vibrant colour of the lake, it does smell and it’s an overly attractive surrounding to explore, it is just really fascinating to see a pink lake! But hurry, it won’t last long once the weather starts to cool down!

Melbourne - Pink Lake
Being a tourist in my own city



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