My list from “Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet.. Ranked”: 1-20

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Okay, so I started reading the “Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet.. Ranked” from The Lonely Plant and I thought it would be cool to go through, see where I’ve been and what’s on the top of my list to go visit!

If you have any pictures or experiences of the places you have been to in the list, send them through!

America - Grand Canyon
Flying to the Canyon

So let’s go first with the top 20 and I’ll list where I want to go or if I’ve been and what I thought!

Vietnam - Visa

Sorry if it is a bit vague today, I’m on an Eminem high after going to his concert last night, what a king!

1. Angkor Temples, Siem Reap – Cambodia (TICK)

Ohh my god. So I’ve been to number one, just recently and it is breathtaking. You know why this is number one as soon as you reach the first temple! So much history, culture and you will be left in awe of this place.

Angkor Temples - Cambodia
Ta Prohm Temple

Angkor Temples isn’t just Angkor Wat, is a series of temples situated just out of Siem Reap, which were built in the 11th to 13th century – they are old! All with purpose, all with loads of stories to tell and all just stunningly beautiful. My favourite? Ta Prohm Temple and not because Tomb Raider was filmed there. The tree formation around and in that temple is stunning!

Angkor Temples - Cambodia
Angkor Wat

Best things of all? You can cross the number one “best places on the planet” for very little $$! I recommend doing a tour through Buffalo for the Angkor Temples, those guides will teach you more than you will ever learn on your own. Also, don’t forget to be respectful and cover up.

Cambodia - Angkor Temples

You can watch more on my time in Cambodia and read more here.

Cambodia - Angkor Temples
Ta Prohm Temple

2. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland – Australia

I’m very disappointed to admit I haven’t been to the second best place in the world and it is in my own country!! But it is high on my list. Please share your favourite Great Barrier Reef moments! I need the motivation to book!

But I’m am super grateful and honoured to live in the country where we have beautiful reefs and beaches as well as mountains and desert all in the one place! We definitely have it all in Australia!

Angkor Temples - Cambodia
Angkor Wat

3. Machu Picchu, Peru – South America

Yes, please! So much history and mystery. A challenge to get there and like Angkor Temples has been around for a very long time! South America is also high up on my list to explore, so definitely share me your recommended travel destinations in South America, as well as your favourite Machu Picchu picture!

6. Grand Canyon, Nevada/Arizona – America (YES DONE)

What an experience! I did it from Nevada where we paid for the helicopter tour, land inside the canyon for lunch – a champagne lunch I should add – and just take in those stunning views. What a wonder of the world! You have to see it to believe it!

America - Grand Canyon
What a spot!

I highly recommend the helicopter tour if you are rushed for time, it is half a day and you really get the full experience! Read about it here.

7. Colosseum, Rome – Italy 

Have only seen the pictures of the Colosseum, but it isn’t long until I see it in person when I head to Europe in August-September! Actually can’t wait to learn about the rich Roman history!

Let me know your thoughts on the Colosseum and your most fun fact about it!

12. Twelve Apostles, Victoria – Australia (CROSSED IT OFF)

What a great addition to the top 20 AND it is in my home state, how lucky am I?! I have been to the Twelve Apostles a few times now but most recently only a year ago, well today actually!

Australia - Great Ocean Road
What a view!

Although there are slowly starting to become fewer apostles you have to admire the beauty, that rock formation is a sight to see!

Along the Great Ocean Road are many amazing ocean views and pit stops! From my favourite Loch Ard Gorge to the Long Bridge, each place has a story to tell! Learn more about the Great Ocean Road here.

Australia - Great Ocean Road
Twelve Apolstes

16. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – Spain 

What a beautiful church, you don’t see many, if any, like this! Also will be my top place to visit when in Barcelona in September – apart from the nearest tapas restaurant.

To this day it is still unfinished, 131 years in the making! So, what do you love about Barcelona? Tell me, please!

Angkor Temples - Cambodia
Bayon Temple

17. Fiordland National Park, South Island – New Zealand

The second National Park named in the top 20, with The Grand Canyon and it is in NZ! So close, our sister country. Part of this beautiful National Park is Doubtful and Milford Sound, so so beautiful!

On a recent trip, my friend Hayley explored this area of the world and loved every minute. It is on my list and even though I’m going to New Zealand in March – yes I know more on that soon – I don’t think I will get to see this stunning national park so please send me your pictures.

America - Grand Canyon
Helicopter ride to the Canyon

18. Santorini, Greece

With white and blue building hanging off the edge of a cliff surround by beautiful blue water, why not Santorini?! When we think of Greece, we definitely picture Santorini. Although it isn’t part of my Euro Summer this year, it is on top of the list for the next trip, yes planned to go back already.

What’s your favourite part about Santorini?

So these are my top choices from the top 20! Others in the top 20, which look amazing are yet to be top of my list (I can be easily persuaded though) include The Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Iguazu Falls, Alhambra, Aye Sofya, Fez Medina, Petra, Tikal, British Museum, Galapagos Island – the lizards were enough for a no and Museum of Old & New Art in Tasmania (Mona I will see it though).

Vietnam - Visa

How many have you been to so far? How many are on your list now?

Please boost them up my list by telling me your experiences!

Angkor Temples - Cambodia
Ta Prohm Temple



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6 thoughts on “My list from “Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet.. Ranked”: 1-20

  1. Wow..I have seen the Colosseum and the Sagrada Familia. Never knew it was in the Ultimate Travel list 😀 Colosseum is definitely a wonder but the Sagrada Familia is unique, once inside you will be fascinated by the stained-glasses, pillars and ceiling.

      1. Ohhh.. that is really hard to say.. I think I will go with Sagrada Familia because it is unlike any other church I have seen before but then the Colosseum is a very very very close second 😀😀😀😀

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