How do you solve a problem like Mariah Episode 11 – Let’s talk dolla bills – Show notes

 How to Solve a Problem like Mariah – Podcast

“So how do you solve a problem like Mariah? As my brother said ‘spoiler alert, you can’t’, so there you go! I’m just an Australian girl with the world at her feet, learning about life and myself every single day. Join me as I tell you stories, share my outlook on life and just talk utter garbage! It will be fun, I promise.”

Episode 11 – Let’s talk dolla bills

Episode eleven is all about getting our finances in order to begin 2019! Also, I recommend taking a photo every day for the year… plus I have a great life hack.


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Show highlights: 

Life Hack –

Let’s pay it forward! In a Rush do it. Plus have an ant problem, try these!

Melbourne - laneways
Pay it forward

Recommendation –

Let’s get our finances in order!!

So here are some resources to help with that:

Saving Money - guide to savings
Saving those $$

Hal’s Affirmation:

“First and foremost, I understand that money isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s what a person does with it that makes it so. The more money I have, the more options I have to make the impact I want to make it the world. I also understand that my financial situation, up until this point, is simply a reflection of how I’ve related to money—making it, saving it, and growing it. But there are virtually no limits to how much money I can earn, save, and grow. It’s simply a matter of investing time in developing my money mindset through learning about money. So, I will commit to consistently read articles and books that will teach me how to earn, save, and invest money, so that I can be financially free”


Antics –

No drinks for nearly 3 weeks, what?! Hen’s was great.

Places for a Hen’s:

Wedding - Hens
Bridal Party
Wedding - Hens
Before and After



Motivation –

“life goes on, you gotta move on”

Just listen to LeAnn Rimes, she knows what’s going on!

Blog –

Check out my latest blogs!

Travelling Vietnam – Nha Trang and VinPearl

Touring Melbourne: Hidden Gems, Laneways and History

Quote –

“If you set goals and go after them with all your determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you!”

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