Touring Melbourne: Night Noodle Market

Okay, I know a blog dedicated to the Night Noodle Market? Necessary, trust me!


It was opening week to start November so it was only mandatory that I go before heading to Vietnam! So what did I eat?!


Well, it all started Mr Miyagi – a very popular and delish restaurant on Chapel Street – and my god! They have on offer dawgs (a fancy hot dog) but it’s not what you think!


I had the Wagyu Beef with truffle oil sauce and my housemate Abbey got the duck. They were amazing, definitely recommend for an entree. What was in both? The Truffle Wagyu Beef Japa-dawg was a panko crumbed Wagyu beef-cheek 5+ score, burgundy onion jam, black truffle potato puree, truffled Japanese mayo in a soft bao roll. Then the Peking Duck Japa-dawg was twice cooked Peking duck katsu, pickled cucumber and ginger, hoisin plum sauce, Japanese mayo in a soft bao roll.


Next entree? Yes, there are always more than one, pawn and ginger dumplings from Oriental Tea House, yum yum! These can be found on the very top level overlooking my favourite 101 building!


Next stop? Red Spice Road for a pork belly salad and oh my god, that was amazing. Fresh with the mint and bean shoots but the sauce, chilli caramel, wow.


Then it was a must for the gang to try puffle, and let me try eat some of theirs too. The cheeseburger is my favourite but the fried chicken is good for those who like spicy, they had a good kick.


Check the funds and yep, all good for one more thing before dessert, I opted for the potato twists. Also popular and I always did not agree with buying potato on a stick, takes up precious room for all that food, but I was mistaken. They are really good, I went for satay but the cheese was a favourite on observation.


Okay so I ate a lot, and I still wanted to eat more but it was time for dessert, definitely Messina!! It was a hard decision on the amazing options they had but I went for the Thrila from Manila and it did not disappoint it was.. brown sugar banana gelato and banana bread wrapped in filo pastry, deep fried then topped with custard and chocolate peanut butter crumb. That one is an absolute winner!



What about the drinks? Obviously, it was Pimm’s, refreshing and delicious. The girls even got a jug to share which scored them a picnic rug. It was my job to hook it to my bag and keep it safe. When we went to leave to go out to a bar I was at the crossroads, ditch the blanket and not have it annoy me or leave it strapped and have a Pimm’s picnic rug for life?



Definitely for life! So I took it in my stride, complained one or two times but was happy when it was a little chilly on the way home. Shout out to Shelby who said she would take it on it was at my absolute wit’s end with it.


Overall the Night Noodle Market is my favourite, fewer sponsors from previous years, no Menulog to get your orders for you or no rooftop bar but really it’s all about the food!! Take a picnic rug, set up for the night and eat your body weight in delicious food and see what your city can offer.


Shattered Eat the Pineapple wasn’t there with the delicious pineapple fried rice – only the best meal ever – but I was still very satisfied.


The Noodle Market in Melbourne starting the first week of November and runs every night until November 25.


Now off to Vietnam and Cambodia to enjoy the real thing! Stay tuned.


Good Food Month, see if there is one in your city!



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