How do you solve a problem like Mariah Episode 6 – October recap and 28 days of being a woman (not just yes woman) – Show notes

How to Solve a Problem like Mariah – Podcast

“So how do you solve a problem like Mariah? As my brother said ‘spoiler alert, you can’t’, so there you go! I’m just an Australian girl with the world at her feet, learning about life and myself every single day. Join me as I tell you stories, share my outlook on life and just talk utter garbage! It will be fun, I promise.”


Episode 6 – October recap and 28 days of being a woman

Episode six, really having so much fun. Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and for listening. I have had some amazing messages!

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Show highlights: 

LOL at my new studio


Yass Woman –

Relief it is the end of the challenge!! Nicola joins me today to recap her month and what we learnt!

The affirmation I spoke about:


Life Hack –

The Tax Refund Scheme is essentially if you make a purchase over $300 and in the 60-day time frame, before you’re travelling internationally, you can claim the tax back! See below for the link I looked at.

Recommendation –

First, listen to the podcast episode “The secret life of hormones” on Ladies we need to talk. Link below. But then I want all you ladies to track your hormones through your menstrual cycle so you know when you’re on top on your game and when you need to up that self-talk (guys you can also benefit from knowing this one). Fyi the time when I mentioned feeling bad about the weekend can be explained in this episode: How do you solve a problem like Mariah Episode 5 – No more shots and Wayno’s Spring Carnival tips – Show notes. 

Ohhh and go see A Star is Born, now!


Antics –

Many lessons learnt on last weekends adventures! Don’t burn your hair on birthday candles was the biggest one, but look, I’m a trend setter ;). P.s HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA.




Blog –

Another fortnight and another two blogs! Check out what apps you need for your next travelling adventure, really helpful and a great way to prepare! Also, my latest blog is on walking/running/riding trails in Melbourne I love! Most include a good view of the city or make you feel like you’re completely out of it!

Motivation –

VISION BOARD!! Yes, make one, now. Here is a cute one! Read more below.


Quote –

“Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want tomorrow”


Listen to more here 


  1. Tax Refund Scheme
  2. The Podcast Episode on hormones 
  3. The Podcast, Ladies we need to talk 
  4. Travel Tips: Best apps to help with your next trip
  5. Get active: walking/riding trails in Melbourne
  6. Vision board


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