Travel Tips: Best apps to help with your next trip

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It’s time to make your travelling life easier! So take your phone out and download some apps to help you wherever you are headed next!

Here I have some apps that you should think about downloading before you head off!

TripAdvisor – the one major feature I use on TripAdvisor isn’t really the main reason the app is created. I use it to download the map of the place I’m going and saving my hotel/places I want to visit. This way I can use the map feature when I’m out and about without using wifi.


Google Maps – similar to the TripAdvisor app, really just to use it to get around. However, a little hack, my friend Ashlee informed me you can save the direction you are going whilst using wifi and then use the map without internet, great feature.

Culture Tripmy research tool. This app is great for finding quirky blogs and information whenever you need! Probably one of the best I’ve found in a long time. You can find all the relevant information from things to do to places to eat with great pictures and more information to continue your research. You can save certain articles for further reading too! A great addition to researching and planning for your next trip – best tips.

Currency – pretty self-explanatory, I use XE because I can have multiple currencies going at one time. Never get ripped off or confused again with your money. Some work without wi-fi, they update the next time you connect.


Uber – don’t get stuck at the airport or in the rain waiting for a cab, get an Uber account so you can always get a ride to your next destination.

Time Out – another great researching tool with funny and informative blogs so you never miss out on the biggest event or the best things to do in your next city – however, they don’t cover all places just major cities.

Airbnb – need accommodation on the go? Or want to try something different from the usual backpackers or hotel room? Airbnb gives you a great experience and a new way to discover a city. Plus some places even give you added extra, beer in the fridge at no added cost, how good is that? Oh and you can save a fortune.

Citymapper – never get confused with public transport again, well look let’s be honest you still might, but citymapper will give you all the public transport options so you can get from point A to B the easiest and most efficient way possible.


Google Translate – going to a country that doesn’t speak your language fluently? Google translate will be your best friend and will help you communicate with locals.

Theme parks or attractions – most theme parks or attractions these days have their own apps! This was very common in America at places like Disneyland and Universal Studios, which feature wait times for rides etc. A super helpful tool so you don’t wait in line all day. So search any attractions you are going to just in case they have a useful app.

Obviously you want a weather and timezone app, but all phones have these. Have any great travel apps you use? Share them!



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