How do you solve a problem like Mariah Episode 2 – For you Ryan!: Show notes

How to Solve a Problem like Mariah – Podcast

“So how do you solve a problem like Mariah? As my brother said ‘spoiler alert, you can’t’, so there you go! I’m just an Australian girl with the world at her feet, learning about life and myself every single day. Join me as I tell you stories, share my outlook on life and just talk utter garbage! It will be fun, I promise.”


Episode 2 – For you, Ryan! 

Episode two, no way! Still, have loads of work to do and to improve on, but this is just for fun, no point holding back!

This fortnight I have dedicated the episode to my bestie, Ryan Gunn who passed away seven years ago on September 7. RIP Ryan!

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Show highlights: 

News –

So in this episode, I gave a live citizen journalism account from the factory fire near my work! See the pictures below (thanks to Google and the Herald Sun). The bottom one is from my work.




Also, I spoke about the death of Mac Miller, RIP! I went to see him live at Listen Out this time last year! He was an amazing performer!

Recommendation –

My recommendation for this fortnight is start boxing! Great for cardio, mental health and muscle strength. Let me know if you do it.

Antics –

I reflected on the last two weeks of antics. Week one was a trip to the NRL that ended at 4am. Showed my new housemate around Richmond! It was a messy night.


Also last weekend the grand final win back home! See below the club singing the song in the middle of the oval. Local clubs are so special to be part of!


Blog –

My new blog for the week was on Cheap thing to do in Melbourne – because we all love saving money. See below the date I took myself on the other week and I only spent $20, had a great day out.


Also, my most current blog is on meditation – expanding from the last podcast.

Motivation –

I got a book given to me by my friend Ashlee called “Be Happy” when she gave it to me, she was so cute “it isn’t because I don’t think you’re happy but because I know you like this stuff”. She was right, here are some of my favourites.



“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

Thank you so much for listening to episode two and thank you for all your amazing support! It means so much to me!


  1. Update on the factory fire
  2. Mac Miller story
  3. Best things in life are free: Cheap ways to explore Melbourne
  4. Motivational: Meditation
  5. Be Happy!: Lessons in lasting Happiness



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