Packing for your trip – tips

The worst part of travelling, packing. Do you want another pair of shoes? You never know you might need those heels. What if I travel in summer but there is a cold spell?

Seriously packing is stressful and for some reason, my friends think I’m actually good at it so they always ask me what to pack, usually I come up with a list and usually, that list has helped me – although I will always be pushing the baggage weight limit.

But I’m going to have a go at giving you a quick guide to packing! So let’s see what I come up with.


Firstly, if you are travelling with friends, coordinate what you are bringing – I know it seems obvious but it does happen when you have two hair straighteners when you only need one or none.

Start packing around two weeks before your trip, or if it’s a short one maybe around a week before. When you start to pack, write yourself a list – this will change depending on where you go.

Always ensure you check the weather as far in advance as you can so you can, but also don’t 100% trust it!

Buy mini versions of your cosmetics, or even getting buy smaller containers and put some of your products in those containers, you don’t need your massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner, or if you’re like me use the hotel stuff – yes I know my hair lacks care when I’m travelling.


Another great thing to buy is luggage organisers. These make packing during destinations easy and you can even separate your clothes so you know exactly where everything is. Or, if you’re going on a summer trip, just roll or your clothes really tight! Make your bag noticeable in the bag carousel with a bright ribbon or luggage tag too. Ohh and don’t forget international plugs if you need them!

Weigh your bags a few times before you leave – buy one of the bag weighers –  and even review your pack to take things out you don’t need, you will always find things to take out after a few days of processing what you have packed.


Hot Tip – also pack some underwear, a toothbrush, toothpaste and roll on deodorant in your carry on so you can freshen up. Sometimes by the time you get to your hotel, it has been a long time in the same clothes. Even just brushing your teeth makes a huge difference!

What about what to pack? What are the must-have items to pack when travelling?

  • Underwear – to save room when you travel you can wash as you go or throw them away (wash them in the shower and even take a small hanging airer to dry them)
  • Jeans – what I’ve learnt is no matter where you go, jeans are essential, even if it is for when you land back home and it’s cold –  or just pants you can dress up or down – Alyanna Store has you covered 
  • No matter what season it is, sunnies are always a must – they are also the one item you are likely to lose, so why not buy a cheap pair before you leave?
  • In case you don’t always have your phone on you – I know what am I kidding? Anyway, a watch is a must too!
  • Shoes are always the hardest thing to pack, but if you have some sneakers or runners, good and comfortable heels and some flats, you will be laughing
  • My theory is if you have minimal bottoms (shirts, shorts, pants) and more tops you will never run out of options
  • Activewear is always a good option when travelling, especially if you are planning on doing a lot of exploring – and you still want to look good in your photos
  • A couple of going out options is a must – you never know where you might end up
  • A nice casual dress – even a good option for the plane to keep comfortable
  • A jacket that will go with everything
  • All the needed toiletries including panadol, makeup, sunscreen, any medication etc


Hot tip – Photocopy your documents and leave them with someone at home! Also, make copies of your license, passport and any bank cards you might use and leave a copy at home and have a copy either on your phone or locked in your suitcase – you never know!



Okay, so I think I’ve covered most things, but you know what? Worst case you forget your favourite pair of shorts or whatever, but who cares you are going on a trip of a lifetime and you can always buy more!
















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