Travelling Australia: Byron Bay

When Jetstar or Tiger Air have a sale, that always means bad news for the wallet but fantastic news for the memory bank.


Chuck in a long weekend, a good friend’s birthday and an airfare sale and you have $160 return flights to Byron Bay.


The essentials for a trip away?

  • Someone who makes fabulous cocktails and cob loaf – thanks Kass
  • A drinking game for the weekend – also thanks Kass for Piccolo (if you don’t know this game, download it)
  • No actual plans
  • Great company

We had all four!


With eight girls and a house just off the main street, we were definitely in for a good long weekend.

So we first got into Byron around 6:30-7ish and used Steve’s Transport to get us from the airport to our house. Well wasn’t that a journey, but Steve was dedicated to pick us up after a big weekend, so let’s say Steve was a legend.



Our house found on Stayz, was a great beach house.  With 1,000 toilets and showers and a deck right out the front, it was perfect for us! The only criticism, the little trinkets located in the entry, yeah not one was broken over the course of the weekend but it was screaming trouble from the beginning. I can no longer find it online, but it was a great house.


A great location, clean and loads of beds, so it was a great find! Also cheap considering the long weekend.


So over the course of the weekend, we did eat a lot at home or skipped a meal or two but there were a few places I definitely recommend.


Miss Margarita – amazing! Highly, highly recommend! The strawberry colada was incredible and the food is really good and not badly priced! Definitely get the squid taco. The staff are super friendly too!



Fishheads – right on the water and the fish is yum! Looks like more of a fancier fish and chip shop, but it is seriously good! You can also eat in.

Main Street Burger Bar – if you like burgers, check this place out they really know how to cook a good burger! I had the special but the girls recommend the Spicy Chicken and the Truffled Chook. They also have loads of sides and amazing look milkshakes!


YoFlo – the best one in town.. they even have caramel sauce, which is life changing! Make sure you go to this one!



What’s best about Byron Bay, your visit can be whatever you what it to be! Girls trip? Plenty of bars and clubs, or surfing trip? Plenty of beaches and for the relaxing trip or adventure trip? A good mix of both available.


So our trip? Well, it consisted of a lot of drinks at pretty much all the clubs.

The Beachy the best place for any form of sippers or for the predrinks at the beginning of the night. Located on the main strip it is super close to everything and has a classic beach bar feel, really loved this place! Oh and on the cocktail specials are amazing, try the Kombie cocktail.


La La Land – a really cool rooftop type bar, however, the music is more house style, which isn’t my vibe. The best thing about La La Land was the free jager bombs we managed to get. But, because Byron doesn’t serve shots at all – yes I know.. you just ask for a jager and Redbull and then skull it.


Woody’s Surf Shack where we ended up most of the nights we were in Byron. It is more of a nightclub, pretty small but always packed. The music changes depending on the night and the time of night, we heard mostly house music, but once you get to that stage of the night you don’t really care.


The Sticky Wicket one of the best places in Byron, however, it wasn’t busy the night we went. The music is good, playing hits with a few remixes in between. Good place.

Cheeky Monkey’s  a very strange place. You dance on metal picnic tables, yes I am not kidding you! The music was RnB and amazing, but the tables were actually scary, so girls don’t wear heels.


The Northern a pub with a bit of a club vibe on the weekends! They play good music, and it can get super busy. They also have a band room. I have been told it is no good after midnight.

But surely we didn’t just drink? Well pretty much, but we also went Sky Diving on Sunday! So Saturday night you would think it would be a good idea to just have drinks at home and get some sleep before jumping out of a plane? Yeah nah, that didn’t happen. We ended up having a mini house party and went out until 3am. So waking up on Sunday I felt fresh, but probably because I was still drunk.


Our bus driver was lovely and did prewarn us to act as sober as we could so they would actually let us jump. Well, we must have got our act together by the time we got there because we did jump and to be honest I think being semi-drunk helped with the nerves and gave me moments to really take it all in. The view was incredible and just like the first time it is still easily the best feeling in the world. Easily the funniest moment was watching Britt come up from landing with her hair all over the place, her eyes glassy as they could ever be and the look on her face like she was going to spew (second from the left below).


We also took an adventure and did the lighthouse walk, a must when in Byron Bay! A steep walk, but all worth it when you get to the top. The views are spectacular and we were even lucky enough to see dolphins having the best time below in the ocean!


Highly recommend the lighthouse walk as well as fish and chips or relaxing on the beautiful foreshore in the middle of town. Sometimes they have performers there so it is super relaxing!

Byron Bay was the perfect long weekend getaway. Of course, there is way more to see than we actually did, but the company was more important than the place itself.


Before I leave you, I do want to share a very amusing story from our journey, but only one.


It was our last night in Byron and after a few days in paradise, we had run out of toilet paper. It was around dinner time I’d say, and we were way too lazy to go down the street to get some. Challenge set, single girls, get on Bumble or Tinder and get the house some toilet paper, challenge accepted. One of the girls and I match with the same guy who got suspicious when two different girls were requesting toilet paper. But, what a legend, half an hour later he shows up in a taxi with toilet paper in hand, 3ply so he tells us because we obviously deserve the best.


He actually couldn’t believe his luck, eight girls in one house, he had hit the jackpot. So we let him stay and drink cocktails with us until he invited his mate over as well. They both couldn’t believe it. Good times, they were our new friends and they also taught as a lot of new saying including “send it”, “rinse it” and that the three best things in life were “sex, weights and protein shakes”.

Ohh Byron, what an adventure it was. Until next time!







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