Travelling Queensland – Gold Coast: Commonwealth Games

Time for the Gold Coast! I say for the Commonwealth Games but really we went to one game. The rest of the week was spent by the pool, at the beach, drinking and at the theme parks.

By we I mean one of my regular travel buddies, Ashlee.


Day one well really half a day, an afternoon flight and a late arrival at the GC! A free Uber to our Air BnB – and by Uber, I mean Ashlee’s Aunty.

So we arrived at Nexus Tower in Southport to meet David. Okay so to be fair on David, the room was as described but it still made us laugh the whole time. Shoes off in David’s house and the apartment was what I can describe as a ‘granny flat’ to David’s apartment. It was one big room, a little kitchenette, toilet and balcony/kitchen.


Our bedroom was two mattress on the floor and our kitchen was located on the balcony, which mind you had a nice view and the loud cheers of the swimming and diving event! David wasn’t much for small talk and the compliment on how big his whole apartment was didn’t really go down as I had hoped.


Anyway, the ‘best’ bit about David’s was the shower, we had to walk through three rooms and past David’s wife and kids in the loungeroom every morning to shower.

After the ‘tour’ of our home, we headed to the shops, which was super close, the G link (public transport) was also close and really it was in a good location!

Day two started with breakfast on the balcony, with a sneaky vodka and orange. The view from the balcony was beautiful, made up for the outdoor kitchen and the shared shower.


Another great inclusion David offered was the pool, spa and sauna provided. So that was the morning activity before we started the day.

Travelling in the GC is super easy with the tram – the G link takes you everywhere! So we headed down to Surfer’s Paradise. The G link was also free for those with Comms Games tickets, so I just carried mine the whole time, even if the event was on the first day.


First stop, Vegas for a drink, not the American city, the backpackers (apparently called ‘The Island’). But we forgot it was only 10am, so on our way to find a drink, we were stopped by the Wicked Club Crawl promoters to buy tickets. In the end, we bought tickets for every night, make sure you haggle down a price.


Then it was off to find a drink before heading to the netball event – our first and only event.

If you’re looking for a place to drink around mid morning and wouldn’t mind breakfast, go to The Surf Club.


Broadbeach is also a nice to explore with loads of restaurants and bars. Before heading to the netball we got a cider and wings at Bloke in a Bar, yep we know how to pick fancy.

The commonwealth games events were great! For our $30 ticket, we watched two games and the crowd were really up and about. Uganda vs Scotland was the best game, the cheer squad for Uganda had the crowd cheering the whole game! It was incredible.

After our event we heading back to Surfers for dinner – hot tip go to Vapiano! They have a few in Australia, but the pasta is made fresh and it is so delicious.


Once we had filled up it was time for the Wicked Club Crawl, the one of many we signed up for over the week.

Starting at Beer Garden over the course of the night we went to Shooters, Bedroom and Sin City. There were a few people on the crawl including a group of boxers who competed in the games.


The club crawls are always so much fun, you meet loads of people, they have corny games that are entertaining to watch and get a laugh, but also you get to go to a few clubs and experience the GC nightlight.

Around midnight we were all club crawled out – yes surprising for us – so we headed to Baskin Robins for after drinks ice cream? and got the amazing free G link straight home.


Day three woke up to shattering news, Usain Bolt ended up at Sin City a few hours after we left to DJ… but someone also got bottled so I guess you win some and you lose some.

But it was okay because it was Movie World day! I actually hadn’t been to the theme parks since I was 13, so a good 10 years! No vodka orange today just in case, a coffee instead and on the free G link on route to Movie World – Hollywood on the Gold Coast.


Movie World was a lot of fun! God, I remember when I was younger it was the most exciting place to go! The rides are really good, I don’t really agree with spins and upside down but I like drops so DC Rivals was easily my favourite, it was actually a huge roller coaster.

Hot Tip – take your own lunch to save some $$ we just bought salads and it saved us $15 easily!

The parade is good, but not like it use to be. Seeing Tweeky Bird (I mean tweety) twerk and the joker dab was definitely a highlight!


I did forget how tiring the theme parks are, we were both so buggered when we left, definitely a good day out!

Our second full night on the Gold Coast so it was the Cecil Hotel for dinner and drinks before heading back out. Cheap chicken wings and parmas was the selling point for us, and it was right next to the G Link and just down the road from David’s so it was perfect!


Then it was onto Bedroom for $10 all you can drink and by midnight it was full of athletes, including the whole Canadian basketball team who were playing in two days. But it was fine they tell us, we are allowed to drink because we still have two days before we play… wow.


We also met some more boxers, well many, they were everywhere. One even told us he won silver, he also doesn’t realise we have Google and know the final hasn’t been.

The one thing that Gold Coast do that most cities don’t, they go out super early. So at times, you look at the clock, thinking it is 2am and it is like 9pm.


We left early-ish but I think it was still in the am and on our way back to our beloved G link we saw James Magnussen, Comm Games and Olympian lining up for Sin City, a quick photo with him and on our way – before detouring so I could get a Vietnamese Roll from possibly a very dodgy but very delicious food stall.


Day four and it was finally Wet N Wild time and time to be reunited with my gypsy friend Alyssa who lives in Brisbane and ventured down for a few days!

Wet N Wild such a good park, and clearly everyone’s favourite.


Not really loving waterslides I was terrified most of the time – I think it’s the not being strapped in part that gets me but I do love the water part. Anyway, getting to the top of one slide I realised it was the one that gives out at the bottom, so you fall from the platform you start on, yeah great. All the sign leading up to the ride were also about what to do if you get suck was the worst part, but I survived.


My favourite wet n wild ride would easily be the lazy river, I could do laps all day! But it was a good day, nice weather, expensive lunch – standard, and a great way to spend time with the girls.

Before going back to David’s we met with another friend Amelia for drinks at a really cool rooftop Waxy’s Irish Pub they have live music and a good view of the street for people watching.


Then it was time to regroup and muster ourselves up for round 3 and another club crawl. We ordered some delicious Thai on MenuLog, which was amazing and headed to the second club to start our night, which was Bedroom.

A free drink and half-price drinks to follow, plus these gold medal shots which we were very fond of, and then it was over to easily my favourite Gold Coast club, Cocktails. More games, and one I got roped into. This one was a dance-off followed up getting particular items from people in the crowd, shoes and a shirt and I nearly won, but a 200m runner from Bermuda and his partner band together and killed me in the dance off, there was no beating them.


The rest of the night is a little blur and it was safe to say the Gold Coast did a number on us. We woke up at 6am, after a walk home on the beach and a bed full of sand – sorry David – so we took our 3L juice we bought on day one and took it to the pool and spa to recover.

Once we were functioning to as much as we could, we headed on the G Link to Broadbeach to meet Brad and Alyssa for breakfast at No Name Lane, yum the food was great! I got a breakfast arancini dish, it was so fresh and had so many different amazing flavours.


Our Saturday was spent doing a lot of not much, which was nice. Watching the games and enjoying it from the privacy of our own mattress on the floor. Oh and another visit to the spa.

Then it was the moment of a hangover where you get super hungry so we all headed for food and settled for Japanese in Southport, which I can’t find to link, it was cheap and delicious we couldn’t really ask for much more at that time.


For our last night on the GC we headed to Surfers to see the Comm Games festival and to get one last ice cream before it was time for a detox.

Then it was time for bed, before an early start to fly back to Melbourne. Alyssa and I shared the single bed on the floor and in the morning we said goodbye to David.


It was sad to leave our GC adventure. We might not have seen many Commonwealth Games events. But we met loads of athletes and made the most of our mini holiday.

What great memories.


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