Travelling Victoria – Mornington Peninsula (more exploring)

Yes, I am back here again! After my visit last time I realised we live in a beautiful part of the world, so it is time to explore more of it!


Good Friday we headed off down the coast to explore the beautiful beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, and wow did we find some amazing places and we still left with more to see and do.

Hayley was my travel partner on this occasion, we experienced a few scratches along the way and a lot of laughs, but it was the perfect mini getaway.


So where did we stay?


Booking over Easter was always going to be a little bit more, but the Rosebud Motel was such a bargain! Just for one night, on Good Friday, was only $120. Located in a perfect area, the room was clean, modern and ideal for a getaway.


Jo, who runs the motel, was so welcoming and friendly.

The Rosebud Motel has an entertainment room and a pool, so it is a great place to stay in summer.

On the night of our stay, it was dips and biscuits, chocolate and cider in bed – perfect way to spend Good Friday.


And where did we explore?


Starting from Melbourne we headed straight towards Mornington – don’t always trust Google Maps to not take you a tollway though.



Stopping in for a quick look at Mornington was beautiful, thank god the coffee shops were open. We headed to The Winey Cow for coffee and the main street looked so good! Loads of shops, cafes and restaurants, a great place to stay.


We headed to the rocks with our coffee for a break and to soak in the amazing view of the ocean. Beautiful, peaceful view from the top of the hill overlooking the bay.


Mount Martha

A neighbour of Mornington, Mount Martha is a much smaller town, but it is beautiful. Head to the beach and look at all the beautiful beach boxes on display, or explore the rocks – but watch out, Hayley had hurt her hand on a rock not even 2 hours into the road trip. Lucky for the car first aid kit Mum bought me when I turned 18!


Feeling adventurous? Why not check out the pillars. Although it took driving to Dromana – nearly twice – and a FaceTime to a friend back home that we actually found the Pillars. So turns out you have to park in one of the side road gravel areas and walk up the hill to a small opening down to the pillars.


They are worth it, the water is a beautiful blue and on a clear day, you can see the city! Jump off if you dare, I was not game on that windy day!


Drive onto Dromana for great cafes and great beach spots.

Arthur’s Seat 

Arthur’s Seat has amazing views of the Mornington Peninsula, but if you don’t want to pay to go on the cable car, head to Franklins Lookout and Murrays Lookout for amazing views and gardens. A great spot for a picnic too.


But in the car and onto the next place, typical Australians. It was a day full of adventures!


Cape Schanck

Wow, sometimes you just forget these places exist in your backyard!


There is a lot to see in Cape Schanck, you have the lighthouse overlooking the ocean and the boardwalk that hugs the edge of the cliff all the way down to pebble beach.


This is where Hayley and I decided to have our lunch, made into a cute picnic date. Amazing sites off the cliffs, even if we weren’t sure if we were allowed to sit there.


A beautiful location, a fair hike from top to bottom, but it is just amazing sights of the beautiful beaches of Australia.

From Cape Schanck you can walk to Bushrangers Bay, we attempted to make the journey before realising it was a 4km round trip and still so much we wanted to see, so we headed back in the car – definitely next time.


Bridgewater Bay

By far my favourite place from the whole trip. Wow, so beautiful, you need to see it to believe it.


So much going on in one place. You have cliffs people jump off into the water, rock pools and crazy waves just off the shore they break in the rocks and form mini waterfalls.


It is just incredible! Hot tip – wear shoes, the rocks are evil.

Put this one on your much see in the peninsula! It is just too amazing to describe to you so just see it for yourself.



We were all about saving money on this road trip but we did eat at a few places over the course of our 24 hour stay.

Ice cream was a must and the ice cream at Vulcano Gelato in Rye was amazing, eaten on the beach and enjoying the sunset was the perfect moment!


Then just before heading back on the road home, we headed to Merchant and Maker for an amazing – and yes shared – brunch!

Together we had whiskey cakes – pancakes – and the has been – a breakfast roll – and wow it was amazing! They had so many great options to choose from, great coffee and really good service. The cafe was super cute and inviting.


And then it was time to head back home. Wow, The Mornington Peninsula is so beautiful with still so much to explore including Flinders, Bushrangers Bay, London Bridge, Portsea, Sorrento and I’m sure so many hidden gems.


The Peninsula is great for a girls or guys trip, a family trip, a couples trip and just a sneaky day trip to the beach. With beautiful food, wine and scenery, it really is an amazing place in Victoria.


Also for wine lovers, they have loads of wineries to explore, which is at the top of my list!

If you have any hidden gems you love to explore in your backyard – could include places in Mornington – please comment below, I would love to hear about them.

Travelling with the best company always makes the adventure much more than you could have imagined!



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