Saving those dollar bills for travel – best tips

So right now I’m probably the worst person to be writing this article, but when I was a uni student I was actually crazy good with money. So I will channel my inner saver and give you the best money saving tips – I did manage to save for a $20,000 holiday whilst working part-time.

Firstly you have to set some kind of budget for your holiday, roughly what you want to spend based off what you want to do, what you want to buy, and whatever. Definitely aim for more, just in case.

Selling at the market, $$

Then you need to work out roughly how much a week, fortnight or month (depends on your pay style) you need to put away to achieve your travel money goal.

But you need to do more? Okay well, let’s start with some options for you to get as much as you can for your dream trip!

Local cities always have free events, take your own food if you don’t want to spend money too!
  1. Have a clean out and sell! I have used social media, eBay and have even been to a market to sell my stuff that I don’t need. You will be surprised at the number of things you have that can be sold!  So start your spring clean and get selling! Facebook Marketplace is the easiest way, but if you have a few people wanting to sell stuff, go halves in a stall at a local market!
  2. Start the $5/loose change jar: when you have a $5 note, put it in the jar. Pay cash for things and put the rest in your car in case you want a sneaky McDonald’s ice cream? Put it in the jar! You will be amazed at how it adds up.
  3. Set yourself weekly budgets to splurge and save the leftovers. So if you’re serious about saving $$ and taking control of your money, read The Barefoot Investor. If you want to just save for the trip, for now, set yourself a weekly budget for going out, petrol, food and just treating yourself. Get it out in cash and then that is it, once you have spent the cash it is gone, then if you have leftovers put it in your jar!
  4. Get a second job or do jobs for extra cash. I did this when I was at university and was saving for my America holiday. I had two part-time jobs but took on cleaning for people I knew to save a little extra. You can find jobs on Airtasker to earn some quick cash! Work at a bar on weekends – if you won’t get charge all of it in tax.
  5. Start your side hustle. Have a passion you want to turn into cash? There is no time like the present! Start it now. If you want to do freelancing jobs, sign up to Fiverr or search on AirTasker. Start a Facebook and get your name out there, you can make some good money this way and also start kicking goals.
  6. Need things you can buy on your trip? Make do with a cheaper version for the meantime and stock up on your holiday! Makeup can be cheaper overseas so buy a cheaper brand and then splurge! Need new runners? You can probably make do until you’re on your trip.
  7. Schedule eating out or going to events. That way you know you have something to look forward to so you’re less likely to eat out or go out and spend money on a random weekend or weeknight.
  8. Find free events. They can be just as fun! Your city will have loads of things to do for free so this is your chance to explore them before you go on your amazing trip, and you will save loads of money.
  9. Meal prep. Not only will you be more organised in general but you will save a lot more money and not have food go to waste.
  10. Go to the casino and test your luck? No no I’m kidding, save that for when you’re in Vegas!!
Loads of galleries are free and super interesting!

Saving can be hard when there is so much temptation to go out and have a good time, sitting at home can be boring. But if you make a few sacrifices, by cutting down and scheduling your time to go out, you really don’t have to miss out on too much, and when you’re living it up on your amazing adventure you definitely won’t have FOMO then.


One thing I am trying to remember when I’m asked if I want to go somewhere or do something is, have I done it before? If I have I probably can miss out this one time or I can go and not spend as much money as the first time I went. Then I ask, will this be back another time when I can go? If it is then, just remember, you can go next time!

Good luck with your saving, I hope I take my own advice and save as much money as I can for my next adventures!

If you have other tips, write them in the comments!

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The beach is also free, beach picnic – yass!


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