Fiji Islands: Koro Sun Resort, Savusavu


Sun, sand and a lot of relaxation.


It was just hitting winter of 2014 when my friend, a travel agent at Flight Centre, asked me if I would like to go to Fiji with her for a few nights. She won accommodation and wanted to go with a friend. I jumped at the opportunity, three nights in warm weather just relaxing by the pool, why wouldn’t you?


On Monday, June 23 we set off on a late flight to Nandi on Fiji Airways. We arrived in the early hours of the morning and boarded a 42 seater plane to Suva, this plane was small, but nothing like we would soon experience. The view out the window all the way was spectacular!


It was still early in the morning when we arrived in Suva, Fiji’s capital and the airport was tiny! I was so hungry, lucky they had Papa John’s Pizza. Only one problem, they didn’t actually have any pizza and the only food they had was deep fried chicken in a Bain-marie. I wasn’t going to test my luck.


So checking in for our next flight was quite a surprise, not only did our bags get weighed, but so did we. Our seats were set out on how much we weighed and the plane from Suva to the island Savusavu was a 19 seater.


We arrived to the ‘airport’, I say this because it was an outside airport, duty free was market stalls. We were picked up by a mini bus and taken to Koro Sun Resort, it was spectacular. On arrival we were given a welcome song, coconut water served in coconuts and a foot massage, which helped my huge ankle that had ballooned out from flying. We were driven to our room in a golf cart, it was the best service ever.


Our room was huge, we both had our own bedrooms and we even had an outdoor shower! We stayed in the garden two bedroom Bure. We also paid so that all meals were included and it was lunchtime when we got there, so we headed down, over the road to the restaurant/bar and picked an entree, main and dessert from the list of food! The food was amazing the whole time we were there. Definitely pay for the meals included option!


Booking the banana leaf massage for the following day was one of the best decisions we made. Everyone was so lovely and knew our names almost instantly. Mine was easy to remember because there were multiple Mariah’s at the resort, so apparently my name is Fijian.


Reception gave us all the information on the resort, everyday they have a different set of activities for the guests to enjoy, some included and others at a fee. We signed up to go to the waterfalls on the island for the day. The bus took us through the small town, along the way we saw the conditions the people lived in. It was completely different from Thailand, you didn’t really leave your resort unless going to the airport or on little day trips like we were. The homes were shacks and the towns very underdeveloped, but the area was beautiful. Along the way to the waterfall we got bogged in mud and were pulled out by construction workers working on the dirt road trying to develop it. You have to love the team work!


Firstly, we visited a village to ask for permission to go to the waterfall. It was a tiny village and they took as on a tour, the kids were the cutest and so lovely. It was hard to see how others lived when we were going back to sleep in our beautiful villas. The waterfall was a little walk off the beaten track, but it was amazing! Lots of people were jumping off the rocks, the water was freezing but so refreshing! A really quiet and peaceful place!


We headed back, had our three course dinner and just relaxed by the bar drinking cocktails! The nights were the perfect temperature and the bar staff so friendly.


The next day we got breakfast in the main reception area, there was so much to choose from! Then we headed, in a golf cart, up to the beautiful rainforest to get our banana wrap massage. We walked the rest of the way through the trees with our masseurs up to a beautiful waterfall along side the tropical villas. The smell was fresh from the damp moss and the sounds were so peaceful.


We headed into the small villas and got ready for the massage, it was heaven! We were firstly massaged in pure coconut oil and wrapped up in a banana leaf, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. Our masseurs were so lovely and the service was a true experience, they even asked for the camera to take photos for us. Our massage ended and we had a shower to wash off the oil. I honestly felt a million dollars.


We walked back to the resort and along the way the masseurs were explaining that the American Bachelorette finale was filmed in the rainforest. This place was heaven and if it wasn’t it was very close to it. We headed for lunch, three course again, by the ocean restaurant and then headed to the pool with swim up bar to sun bake, drink cocktails and relax.


As we noticed, this place had a lot of newly weds on their honeymoon. Three of the couples were relaxing by the pool as well, a Mexican couple and two American. They were so lovely, we chatted to them most of the afternoon before getting ready to go to the Fijian feast!


Before dinner we watched a traditional Fijian performance whilst having a drink at the bar, we got chatting to one of the American couples who only got in that same day. One of them was missing their luggage and the resort were trying to track it down, they even got upgraded for the inconvenience, now that is service! The meal was very different, but enjoyable, a lot was fish and they smoke most of their foods.


The next day we had a beautiful breakfast and headed to one of the three pools to relax on the sun bed, it was a very warm day but we were soaking in the sun before we had to head back to the Victorian winter. The resort has the best facilities, so we went to the activities shed and hired some snorkelling gear, all free.


We snorkelled in the bay that surrounds part of the resort and saw some amazing fish and coral, too bad my underwater camera broke. After that we sat around the pool with the bar and chatted with the couples we met the day before. They had decided they we should go to the local nightclub for our last night in Fiji, after the party that was taking place in the managers house.


We got ready for the night and got the bus up the hill to the owner of the resorts house for food and cocktails, it was the most amazing house with an excellent view, and the chicken nibbles were the best! This party was for all the resort guests, the service at the Koro Sun Resort was truly outstanding!!


So our last night we headed in town, with some resort staff and the other couples, to the Tavern in the back of a ute. Well, that was an experience! Maybe something I wouldn’t recommend but it was interesting.


The next morning we were given our farewell song by some staff at the resort and headed back to the airport for our fight to Nandi. Check in was a different concept with an outdoor airport but we got on the tiny plane headed for home! In Nandi we had a six hour wait, which was fairly boring until we hit duty free and we boarded our late afternoon flight back to Melbourne.


This resort was unreal, the service was amazing, the food sensational and the grounds were picturesque. I would highly recommend this resort to couples for their honeymoon or just a getaway. However, it is very family friendly with a kids zone, kids pool and plenty of activities for families to enjoy.






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